Van Rensselaer Lodge of Perfection

2018/19 Annual Report

Illustrious Deputy, Illustrious Active Emeritus & Past Honorary Sovereign Grand Commander, Illustrious Brothers and Prince Masons;

The Valley of Chicago, in the last year, has made many strives to develop new programs to support and encourage members to be active in our fraternity. I am proud to say that we have delivered in keeping with our rich traditions and history all whilst building for the next generation. The future of the Valley will incorporate modern technology, increased membership recruitment as well as retention programs. Our goal is to make the Scottish Rite brotherhood strong again!

This would not be possible without the fraternity brothers, officers, staff and volunteers of the Valley. Specifically, I want to thank all the members The Van Rensselaer Lodge of Perfection who served in our degrees and to the directors and officers who ran them. An extra special thanks also goes out to the support staff and technical staff who make us look good. We may be the actors on stage but without lighting, stage, sound, wardrobe, make-up and our organist, we would not shine. You are often the un-sung heroes.

Our 2018 events highlighted the Scottish Rite Experience. Some events were based on masonic tradition and some were designed to take the masonic connection to the next level. We want our seasoned members and our new members to both find enjoyment in coming to the Scottish Rite. I want to again thank all my officers for their time, talents and energy. Your dedication makes our Valley work. But my most heartfelt thanks go out to you the members. Without your participation none of this would matter. Please continue to show up, volunteer for degrees, and participate on committees. We are always happy to have new members join in the fun.

As my role as Thrice Potent Master comes to an end, know that I will always be a committed brother to the Valley to offer my leadership and support.  I look forward to next year I can predict another busy and important year for our Valley.


Donald E. Esser