The Valley Award

Each year, the presiding officers of the Valley of Chicago’s four Scottish Rite Bodies may designate one or more brethren deserving of special recognition amongst their peers.

The Valley Award cannot be applied for and recipients must have attained the Thirty-Second Degree of the Scottish Rite. The following members of the Valley of Chicago have had this singular honor bestowed upon them.

Hilton M. Kaufman2000
Ponciano S. Cochon Sr.2002
Jay F. Faermark, MSA2003
R. Patrick Moore2004
Donald E. Esser, MSA2008
Richard B. Taman2008
Lance J. Welter, MSA2010
Benjamin F. Zwick2010
Dennis B. Esposito2011
Joseph H. Santisteban, 33°2011
Joseph H. Sperry Jr.2012
Frank H. Welter Sr.2012
Guy P. Hamilton2013
Paul A. Scheeler2013
Daniel H. Slomiany, MSA2014
Timothy J. Ward2014
William E. Carlton, MSA2015
William J. Macak2015
Hammond E. White Jr.2015
Barry S. Alpern2016
George P. Lulias2016
Terry J. Hartl2017
Kurt F. Rubin2017
Anthony J. Wegner2017
Russell Gale2018
Vytautas V. Paukstys2018
Robert Kogut2019
Scott D. Neville2019