Oriental Consistory S.P.R.S.

2017-18 Annual Report

Ill. Lawrence D. Inglis, 33°, Active Emeritus, Fellow Presiding Officers, Officers of the Oriental Consistory and Brethren all;

Having the opportunity to serve the Valley of Chicago as your Commander-in-Chief the last two years has been one of the most enjoyable, rewarding, and proudest experiences of my life. I will forever be grateful to all of those that have helped me so much and helped make the last two years a success.

I would like to thank my fellow members on the Executive Committee; Donald Esser, Stephen Ford, Ill. Frank Lasick, MSA, 33°, as well as incoming Executive Committee members Antwane Lee and Lance Welter, MSA, for their commitment to making our Valley better, dedicating their talents to making every event successful, and sacrificing their time for our benefit. Thank you as well to immediate past members of the Executive Committee Ill. Kenneth Ludwig, 33° and Ill. Michael Ehle, 33° for supporting this Executive Committee and providing counsel whenever needed.

I’d like to thank all of the past Commanders-in-Chief, but especially Ill. Johnathan Barnes, 33°, Ill. Russell Schlosser, 33°, Ill. Henry Tonigan, 33°, Ill. Daryl Selock, 33°, Ill. John Quinn, 33°, Ill. Wallace Dunn, 33°, Ill. Gregory Klemm, MSA, 33°, and Ill. Lawrence Inglis, 33°. Your knowledge and guidance were invaluable to me. Thank you to our Almoner, Ill. James Patton, 33°, for caring for our worthy and needy brethren. Thank you to all of my officers serving in the Consistory line for your support. Thank you to Ill. William Tienken, 33°, for selecting me as an officer years ago and for continued advice and encouragement. Thank you to the office for your assistance with events. Lastly, thank you to all of the members that make our valley great- those on committees, working backstage, lighting, sound, museum, library, wardrobe, makeup, Knights of St. Andrew, hospitality and greeters, and everyone else who contributes, sacrifices and devotes themselves to Scottish Rite Masonry. This valley cannot operate without you.

This past year was a year of great successes and also great sadness for our Valley. We tried some new events as well as some events that had not been done in several years. A few of the highlights were the Family Fall Fest which was attended by approximately 700 people, the Valley of Chicago trip to the Valley of Philadelphia, and the recently attended Table Lodge. Unfortunately, in January of this year the Valley lost its voice, guiding beacon and counselor with the death of our Active, Ill. John Phillips, 33°. John Phillips was a friend to all, and an adviser to many. He provided leadership and guidance in an eloquent way to our Valley that has and will continue to be dearly missed. A special thank you to Ill. Lawrence Inglis, 33°, our Active Emeritus, and Ill. Gregory Clark, 33°, our Deputy, for providing leadership and direction during this difficult time.

The presiding officers rely on the suggestions and support from the membership to improve events and increase membership experience. Please continue to support your officers but also speak up and let your voice be heard, this is your Valley. Our Valley is going through a period of transition and change, and now is the time more than ever for every member to step forward and be a leader in the Valley of Chicago. We have started having regular stated meetings again, we are having regular Elected and Appointed Officer meetings again, and our valley needs you. We are very blessed as a Valley to have the resources, facilities and talent to continue the legacy and tradition of the great Valley of Chicago. Again, remember, as Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret, the hour is always now!

Respectfully submitted,

Andrew A. Keppy, Commander-in-Chief