House Committee

2017-18 House Committee Annual Report

To the Officers, Directors, and Members of the Scottish Rite Cathedral Association;

The Cathedral Board approved and budgeted for many different items to help keep our beautiful building looking great during the 2017-2018 fiscal year. Our facility is the envy of the Northern Jurisdiction and to keep it that way requires constant maintenance, planning, and upkeep. Below is a list of items that the House Committee addressed during this past year.

1.Theater Drainage Issue. We had some minor leaking and seepage around the outer wall here in the theater. A plan is in place and underway to secure this from happening again.

2. A new gallery with hanging hooks and wires was installed on the second floor near the elevator under the direction and request of the Library and Museum Committee. This has doubled their wall space and allows them to showcase more items from the archives.

3. A new dishwasher and sanitizing systems were installed in the kitchen as part of normal maintenance and modernization plan.

4. Standard repairs to the parking lot and curb banding were again dealt with to ensure our parking lot is in the proper condition.

5. The ice machine located in the kitchen was switched over from a lease agreement to ownership after our current agreement ended.

6. A naming rights committee was established and policy adopted to ensure that all building naming rights receive proper due process and vetting prior to being put in place.

7. The battery backups for the servers and IT infrastructure will be replaced next month as part of a standard life cycle replacement process.

Overall we have a beautiful building. But as the facility starts to age more care and attention will need to be given to the ensure it stays that way. More resources and time will need to be spent by staff and officers to focus on problems that will arise as with any building that starts to age. I am proud of the work we accomplished this year on the House Committee and I am proud to tell the members that their Scottish Rite Home is in good shape.



Andy Hassan

House Committee Chairman