Chicago Council Princes of Jerusalem

2018/19 Annual Report

Illustrious Active Emeritus & Past Honorary Sovereign Grand Commander, Fellow Presiding Officers, Fellow board members, Illustrious Brothers and Prince Masons:

It has been my pleasure to serve the Valley of Chicago and the Chicago Council Princes of Jerusalem as your Sovereign Prince for the past two years. With the other officers of the executive committee, the board, and the office. We have continued to try new things to grow and strengthen our valley. While many of the changes and decisions have been difficult, they have all been made in the hopes of strengthening our valley now and in the future.

While personal commitments will keep me from running for the board and continuing to serve the valley. I do continue to hope and believe that there is an opportunity for creating new and exciting growth within our valley and fraternity and I will remain an active member to assist our valley where I may.

I would be remiss, if I did not mention that none of what has been accomplished would have been possible without the support and hard work of the Council officer line. Officers, Brothers, Friends, your support and efforts where not unnoticed and were very much appreciated by myself, the Executive Committee, and the board.

Brothers, we all need to continue working together, as collectively, we share the responsibility of improving and building the membership and tenants of our fraternity. The Valley of Chicago consists of many members and I believe each of us offer a potential for a future filled with growth in membership and brotherhood if we truly listen to the teachings of our degrees.

My theme is the same as I ended my report last year. Together brothers, we can move forward and accomplish wonderful things for this valley and our fraternity, if we remember, the secret to change is to not focus our energy on our disagreements; but rather on building the new with understanding.

Fraternally submitted, 2-May-2019

Stephen W. Ford, 32°
Sovereign Prince, Chicago Council Princes of Jerusalem